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1. Insurgency in Mozambique: the Role of the Southern African Development Community

2. Elections and Electoral Violence in Côte d’Ivoire: ECOWAS’s Efforts towards Stability

3. Female Participation in Peacebuilding Efforts in Africa: A Review of Recent Academic Contributions

4. Mission to Civilise: The French West African Federation

5. Youth Engagement in Peace Processes in Africa

6. Silencing the Guns Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach

7. We Will Not Silence the Guns Without Women

8. The African Union, regional economic communities and regional mechanisms and United Nations: Leveraging the Triangular Partnership to Silence the Guns in Africa

9. What Kind of Leadership does the Vision of “Silencing the Guns” Require?

10. How a Strong African Union–United Nations Partnership can Sustain the Silencing the Guns Agenda Beyond 2020

11. The African Peer Review Mechanism and Silencing the Guns in Africa

12. We Stand at a Very Uncertain Future for Humanity

13. Global Health: A Pressing Foreign Policy Issue of our Time

14. The impact of COVID-19 on Peace Operations in Africa

15. Threats to Ethiopia’s Fragile Democratic Transition

16. Challenges of Peacebuilding in Africa

17. Reappraising Conflict Trends in Nigeria amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

18. The Land Question in South Africa

19. The Role of Libraries in Post-conflict Societies

20. Multinational Interventions to Defend African Democracies against Extremist Violence

21. Ethnicity and Conflict Instigation in Sierra Leone

22. Language and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa

23. Youth Demonstrations and their Impact on Political Change and Development in Africa

24. The Hidden Population

25. Gender, Peacebuilding and Entrepreneurship

26. Reinvigorating the African Solidarity Initiative for robust implementation of the African Union’s Post-conflict Reconstruction and Development Policy

27. South Africa's Possible Withdrawal from the International Criminal Court

28. The Efficacy of Governments of National Unity in Zimbabwe and Lesotho

29. Reflecting on the Role of Regional and International Interventions in Resolving the Post-coup Crisis in Sudan

30. Healing the Wounds of the Past

31. Ethnic Conflict under Ethnic Federalism

32. Women and Peacebuilding in Guinea-Bissau

33. Indigenous Community-based Natural Resources Management Mechanisms

34. Communications Shutdowns

35. Threat of Secession

36. The African Continental Free Trade Area

37. Building State Resilience

38. Political Fatalism and Youth Apathy in South Africa

39. Amnesties and Human Rights within the Framework of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights

40. Human-wildlife Conflict and Wildlife Conservation

41. ECOWAS’s efforts at resolving Guinea-Bissau’s protracted political crisis, 2015-2019

42. Oil Pipeline Vandalism in the Niger Delta

43. Appraising Intergroup Contact in Zambia’s Electoral Politics

44. Food Aid, Village Politics, and Conflict in Rural Zimbabwe

45. A Leadership Perspective for Sustainable Peace in the Central African Republic

46. Election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

47. Revitalising the Peace in South Sudan

48. Disengaging from Violent Extremism

49. Constructive National Dialogue in Zimbabwe

50. How Mediation based on African Approaches to Conflict Resolution can Transform the Conflict over the Nile

51. The Migrant Crisis in Libya and the Nigeria Experience

52. Terrorism in Africa

53. Reviving Peace in South Sudan through the Revitalised Peace Agreement

54. The Potential and Limits of Peace Agreements

55. National Election Response Groups as infrastructures for Peace

56. Protecting the Environment and Women in Darfur through Fuel-Efficient Stoves

57. Traditional Methods of Conflict Resolution

58. Conflict Dynamics in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda

59. Looking Beyond 2023

60. Practice and Perils of Vote Buying in Nigeria’s Recent Elections

61. The Power of Dialogue to Promote Reconciliation in Zimbabwe

62. Understanding the Herder-Farmer Conflict in Nigeria

63. The Joint Force of the G5 Sahel

64. The African Military in a Democratic Age

65. Harnessing Gender Transformative Opportunities within Humanitarian Crises

66. Nhimbe: Utilising a Traditional Practice in Community Peacebuilding