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1. After the Kabul Hotel Attack: The Taliban and China Confront Security Challenges in Afghanistan

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17. American Invasion And Withdrawals Post 9/11

18. Professionalization, Local Military Context, and Reconstruction of the Army in Afghanistan

19. Afghanistan: The Possible Arena for Major Powers Inevitable Cooperation

20. China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan: Partnership for Regional Peace

21. Celebrating American Diplomacy

22. Ecological threats to security and state resilience in Afghanistan

23. Taliban News: Fair and Balanced?

24. US Exit from Afghanistan: Impacts on Pakistan and India

25. China’s Objectives in Afghanistan in the Geo-Strategic Dynamics

26. The Terrorist Threat Assessment 2020

27. November/December 2020 Issue

28. India’s Role in Afghan Peace Process

29. U.S. War in Afghanistan: From Intervention to Counterinsurgency

30. Perspectives on Afghan Refugee identity in Pakistan

31. Federal Iraq and Unitary Afghanistan: A comparative analysis of plural societies

32. Toppling Foreign Governments: The Logic of Regime Change, Melissa Willard-Foster

33. The Coronavirus, the War on Terrorism, and the Taliban in Afghanistan

34. Attitudes of NATO, SCO and CSTO Towards the Situation in Afghanistan After 2014

35. Afghan Women Education: Bottlenecks & Future

36. War on Terror: Repercussions for Pakistan

37. China’s Deepening Diplomatic and Economic Engagement in Afghanistan

38. Fitness OSINT: Identifying and tracking military and security personnel with fitness applications for intelligence gathering purposes

39. Towards a structural understanding of powerbrokers in weak states: From militias to alliances

40. The rules and organisation of air traffic at airstrips during military operations: Based on experience gained on missions in Chad and Afghanistan

41. “We Have Captured Your Women”: Explaining Jihadist Norm Change

42. The Belt and Road Initiative Still Afloat in South Asia

43. President Trump’s Strategy in Afghanistan: The Way Forward to Normalcy

44. Indian Strategic Influence in Afghanistan: Realist Ends through Social Means

45. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Geo-political Implications, Regional Constraints and Benefits of CPEC

46. The US in Afghanistan: Consequences of an Untimely Withdrawal

47. The Contours of New Regional Alignments in South Asia

48. Issues and Challenges of Peace Building in South Asia

49. Reevaluation of U.S. Security Policy towards South Asia

50. The Power of Ideas That Won the Cold War is Still Needed