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1. India—Pakistan Relations: Does Modi Matter?

2. Revitalizing the Rebalance: How to Keep U.S. Focus on Asia

3. Has India Peaked?

4. Modi's Unexpected Boost to India-U.S. Relations

5. India's Role in a Changing Afghanistan

6. India: A Reluctant Partner for Afghanistan



9. The BRICS Fallacy

10. Double Trouble: A Realist View of Rising Chinese and Indian Power

11. Five Myths about India's Nuclear Posture

12. Pakistan and Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Déjà Vu?

13. The Pakistan Thorn in China-India-U.S. Relations

14. Reversing Pakistan's Descent: Empowering its Middle Class

15. Defining U.S. Indian Ocean Strategy

16. Recalibrating U.S. — Pakistan Relations

17. Mounting Challenges and Multilateralism

18. Germany as a Geo-economic Power

19. A Detour Strategy for the Test Ban Treaty

20. India-East Asia/US Relations: Triangulate This

21. India-US and India-East Asia Relations:Better Atmospherics, Similar Substance

22. Chronology of India Relations with US and East Asia:January – December 2010

23. India's Relations with Iran: Much Ado about Nothing

24. Managing and Engaging Rising China: India's Evolving Posture

25. Is India Ending its Strategic Restraint Doctrine?

26. Under the Shrinking U.S. Security Umbrella: India's End Game in Afghanistan?

27. The Ties that Bind? U.S.–Indian Values-based Cooperation

28. India-US and India-East Asia Relations

29. Time for Sober Realism: Renegotiating Relations with Pakistan

30. Toward Effective Multilateralism: Why Bigger May Not Be Better

31. The United States, India, and Global Governance: Can They Work Together?

32. China-Russia Relations

33. U.S.-India and India-East Asia Relations

34. China-Russia Relations

35. Regional Overview

36. U.S.-Japan: Distracted Governments Make some Positive Progress

37. U.S. - Southeast Asia: The New ASEAN Charter Bedeviled by Burma's Impunity

38. India - Asia Pacific: 2007 Annual Assessment: Consolidating Friendships and Nuclear Legitimacy

39. U.S. - Japan: Working through Tough Issues