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1. Fateful Collision: NATO’s Drive to the East Versus Russia’s Sphere of Influence

2. Shared Human Values and the Great Powers’ Competition: Trends in the Evolution of the International Relations System

3. Lessons from the T20: Five Priorities for Italian Infrastructure Investment

4. Biden’s Foreign Policy Casts a Long Shadow

5. A Healthier and More Sustainable Global Food System: What is at Stake for the EU?

6. The Return of US Leadership in Europe: Biden and the Russia Crisis

7. A Digital Euro in Search of an Identity

8. Inequalities and Local Infrastructure: The Challenges of Post-Covid Recovery Investments

9. Israeli Apartheid and the West’s Dwindling Moral Credibility

10. Europe’s Post-Cold War Order Is No More

11. A G7/G20 Pact for Sustainable Urbanisation? Building on the Positive Legacy of Italy’s G20 Presidency

12. Putin’s Use and Abuse of History: Back to the 19th Century?

13. Nuclear Waste Policy Actions for the 117th Congress and Biden Administration

14. Carbon Pricing During an Energy Crisis

15. Venezuela Oil Sanctions: Not an Easy Fix

16. Energy Markets and the Design of Sanctions on Russia

17. Sanctions and the Economic Consequences of Higher Oil Prices

18. Hydrogen: A Hot Commodity Lacking Sufficient Statistics

19. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Identity, History, and Conflict

20. The Crisis after the Crisis: How Ladakh will Shape India’s Competition with China

21. Countering China’s Adventurism over Taiwan: A Third Way

22. Jagged Sphere: China’s quest for infrastructure and influence in mainland Southeast Asia

23. The Remittance Effect: A Lifeline for Developing Economies Through The Pandemic and into Recovery

24. The Concerts and Live Entertainment Industry: A Significant Economic Engine

25. The Avoidable War: The Decade of Living Dangerously

26. Afrocentric Conceptions of Conflict Transformation: Beyond Ubuntu Mythology and Romantic Traditionalism

27. Transitional Justice and Silencing the Guns in Africa in the Context of COVID-19: Report on the Fourth African Transitional Justice Forum


29. The Aftermath of Demonstrations: The reasons behind the conflict about Tunisian cabinet reshuffle

30. Under Observation: The Libyan conflict and the election of a new government

31. Seeking Allies: The motives behind the change of the Turkish foreign policy towards appeasement

32. Tehran Signals: Uncovering the limitations of the Chinese Iranian agreement

33. The Spark at Sidi Hassine: The Tunisian Protests Between Possible Escalation and Containment

34. The Post-Rouhani Era: The future of US-Iranian relations under Raisi

35. Intertwined challenges: How will the ‘Berlin 2’ conference affect the Libyan crisis?

36. Governing Parameters: Will the New Governments in Israel and Iran Affect the Ongoing Tensions Between Them?

37. Ethiopian Perspective: Elections in Strained Dynamics

38. The Perfect Conflict The Russian strategy in Yemen

39. A Choice in Distress Will the "National Dialogue" Offer a Resolution for Tunisia’s Political Crisis?

40. Unfulfilled Hopes: Strategic Implications of Re-opening Libya’s Coastal Highway

41. Bottom-Up Change: Motives behind Erdoğan strategy in ‘politicizing’ the first religious channel for children

42. Restoring the Balance: The economic and political motives for the 'New Mashriq' Project

43. The Likely Scenario: Possible trajectories after Tunisia’s President exceptional decisions

44. Economic Diplomacy: The impact of Russia’s growing role on the Lebanese crisis

45. Double Pressure: How water shortage impacts Iran’s internal and external crises?

46. Compound Crisis Challenges Posed by Sudan’s Faltering Transition

47. Legal Determinants: What is the Biden Administration's Position on the Tunisian President's Decisions?

48. From Befriending to Violence: 11 Ruling Determinants of the Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) Behavior in the Region

49. "Melian Strategy": Why does Taliban fight and negotiate at the same time?

50. Restoring the Role: The Algerian mediation role in the region, various motivators and challenges

51. Mixed Messages: Disclosing how Ennahda Movement is hiring public relations firms in Washington

52. Appointing Mikati: Will it be the last chance for Lebanon?

53. Freeing Fiscal Space: A human rights imperative in response to COVID-19

54. Risk-Limiting Audits: A Guide for Global Use

55. De-Securitising and Re-Prioritising EU-Iraq Relations

56. COVID-19 and the Global Vaccine Race

57. The Plight of the Western Balkans Is a Wake-up Call for Europe

58. The Conference on the Future of Europe: Tackling Differentiated Integration

59. Battling Marine Plastic Waste: Nuclear Technology's Role

60. Myanmar: Time for New Regional Diplomacy

61. Lockdowns in ASEAN: Winning the Pandemic War

62. US-Philippines: Resetting the Security Alliance?

63. Whitsun Reef Incident: Duterte’s China Strategy Sinking?

64. Myanmar Instability: Emerging Reactions in East Asia

65. A Roundtable on Lauren Turek, To Bring the Good News to All Nations: Evangelical Influence on Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Relations

66. A Roundtable on Seth Jacobs, Rogue Diplomats: The Proud Tradition of Disobedience in American Foreign Policy

67. A Roundtable on Christopher Dietrich, A Companion to U.S. Foreign Relations

68. A Roundtable on Michael Kimmage, The Abandonment of the West

69. The Academic Jobs Crisis: A Forum

70. Gas Scales. What Will Outweigh?

71. Fixed Gas Price: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

72. TOP-12 Questions and Answers About the Natural Gas Market

73. The First Practical Project in the Hydrogen Energy Sector of Ukraine

74. Weird or Not? Why Investments Are “Fleeing” Ukraine

75. Four Stages. Does Russia Plan a Large-Scale Aggression Against Ukraine?

76. Can Solidary Support for Ukraine Serve as a Deterrent Factor for the Kremlin?

77. Ukraine’s Projected 2nd Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC2): Is It Possible to Achieve More Ambitious Goals at a Lower Cost?

78. We Need to Talk About Banking...

79. Iran's New Legislation for Escalation and Options for the New US Administration

80. Manufactured Crisis: “Deindustrialization,” Free Markets, and National Security

81. Espionage, Espionage‐​Related Crimes, and Immigration: A Risk Analysis, 1990–2019

82. Protectionism or National Security? The Use and Abuse of Section 232

83. Private Schooling after a Year of COVID-19: How the Private Sector Has Fared and How to Keep It Healthy

84. China: Rise or Demise?




88. The United States at a Crossroads: The Biden Administration, Human Rights and Atrocity Prevention

89. Our Epistemological Crisis: "Ilmu Budaya" and "Two Cultures" Revisited

90. Is America Really Back?

91. Implementation of the Law on Operational Technical Agency and the Law on Interception of Communications

92. Renewing the U.S.-European Partnership in the Post-Trump Era

93. When Anarchy Spills Across Borders

94. Dealing with Violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

95. Towards a New Normalcy?

96. A Collapsing World?

97. On American Diplomacy and the Disorderly Oscillation of World Orders

98. A Soviet Diplomat’s Memories of Beijing 1973-1975

99. Mentoring Partnership Aims to Boost Diversity at State Department

100. American Leadership and a Global Offensive Against COVID