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1. The War against Ukraine and Its Lessons for NATO Militaries: Food for Thought

2. China - A Non-neutral Party in the Russo-Ukrainian War

3. Military Effects Of Economic Sanctions On Russia

4. The Wisdom of U.S. Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan

5. Bases, Logistics, and the Problem of Temptation in the Middle East

6. US Credibility and the Afghanistan Withdrawal

7. Europe’s Strategic Compass: Merits and Shortcomings

8. Myanmar: Time for New Regional Diplomacy


10. The Perfect Conflict The Russian strategy in Yemen

11. Appointing Mikati: Will it be the last chance for Lebanon?

12. The Montreux Convention and Its Importance for Georgia

13. Achieving Self-Sufficiency in Arms Production to Enhance Defense Capabilities for the Georgian Military

14. How concerning is Bolsonaro’s recent political and military shakeup?

15. Americans Split on Military Aid to Israel, Say Political Status Quo Unacceptable

16. Italian Military Operations: Coping with Rising Threats and Declining US Leadership

17. Between God and the Sugar Dates: Lessons for a "Geopolitical" EU from the US–Iran Crisis

18. Commentary on “The US Army in Multi-Domain Operations 2028”

19. Turkey's Giant Leap: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

20. A Roundtable on Monica Kim The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War: The Untold History

21. Military Response to COVID-19: Advantages and Constraints

22. HADR in Southeast Asia: Unpacking the Military’s Humanitarian Role

23. Space Force: Ahead of Its Time, or Dreadfully Premature?

24. The Implications of Withdrawing American Troops from Germany

25. The Role of Russian Private Military Contractors in Africa

26. U.S. Troops Injured in Altercation with Russian Forces: What It Means for the War in Syria

27. The US Troop Withdrawal Plan: Bogus Strategic Claims and a Warning Signal for Europe

28. Special Commentary: COVID-19 and the Ethics of Military Readiness

29. Special Commentary: Recruiting in a Post-COVID-19 World

30. Special Commentary: Domestic Politics and the Military’s COVID-19 Response

31. Battle for Marib – The Yemen Review, September 2020

32. Sub-Surface Competition in the Euro-Atlantic Area: The Challenge to Western Dominance

33. The Last Option: Impact of the Battle for Idlib on the Syrian Conflict

34. South Sudan and Israel: A love affair in a changing region?


36. Italy's Defence Expenditure: What Impact on EU Defence Cooperation?

37. Turbulent Times: Possible Repercussions of the Attack in Ahvaz on Iran

38. Militant Islamist Groups in Africa Show Resiliency over Past Decade

39. The Islamic State and Drones: Supply, Scale, and Future Threats

40. Principles of Russian Military Thought

41. The Coalition Airstrikes in Syria from the Perspective of the Responsibility to Protect

42. Turkey After July 15 – Dawn or Disaster?

43. Russia and the West (1853-2016): A permanent conflict?

44. Turkey’s Approach towards Nuclear Armament*