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1. How to make Indonesia’s sovereign wealth fund work

2. Turning point? Putin, Xi, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine

3. Revising down the rise of China

4. Drug trafficking in the Pacific Islands: The impact of transnational crime

5. Big data and national security: A guide for Australian policymakers

6. The Pandemic Exposes and Exacerbates Existing Problems of Inequality and Polarization

7. Democratic Backsliding in Indonesia

8. How Authoritarian Legacies Play a Role in Shaping Electoral Volatility in Asia

9. Natural Disasters and Women’s Rights in Vietnam

10. The Geopolitics of Human Trafficking and Gendered North Korean Migration

11. The 2022 Philippine Elections Primer: A Democratic Citizenship Perspective

12. After Deterrence: Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War for East Asia

13. South Korea’s 2022 Presidential Election: A Vox Populi that is Evenly Divided

14. An Assessment of North Korea’s ICBM Technology and South Korea’s Countermeasures

15. Political Polarization in Asia: Cleavages and Agencies of Polarization in India, the Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand

16. The 2022 Philippine Elections: Religion and Politics amid Democratic Uncertainty Commentary·Issue Briefing | 2022-04-19

17. Political Debacle in Pakistan Detached from People’s Life

18. Sri Lanka’s Arab Spring Moment: Can Asia’s Oldest Democracy Weather the Crisis?

19. The Inadequacy of Nepal’s Democracy for Marginalized Peoples

20. Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Asia: Lessons Learned from Korea, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan

21. Shared Human Values and the Great Powers’ Competition: Trends in the Evolution of the International Relations System

22. Lessons from the T20: Five Priorities for Italian Infrastructure Investment

23. Biden’s Foreign Policy Casts a Long Shadow

24. A Healthier and More Sustainable Global Food System: What is at Stake for the EU?

25. The Return of US Leadership in Europe: Biden and the Russia Crisis

26. A Digital Euro in Search of an Identity

27. Inequalities and Local Infrastructure: The Challenges of Post-Covid Recovery Investments

28. Israeli Apartheid and the West’s Dwindling Moral Credibility

29. Europe’s Post-Cold War Order Is No More

30. A G7/G20 Pact for Sustainable Urbanisation? Building on the Positive Legacy of Italy’s G20 Presidency

31. Putin’s Use and Abuse of History: Back to the 19th Century?

32. Nuclear Waste Policy Actions for the 117th Congress and Biden Administration

33. Carbon Pricing During an Energy Crisis

34. Venezuela Oil Sanctions: Not an Easy Fix

35. Energy Markets and the Design of Sanctions on Russia

36. Sanctions and the Economic Consequences of Higher Oil Prices

37. Hydrogen: A Hot Commodity Lacking Sufficient Statistics

38. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Identity, History, and Conflict

39. Creating an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Financing

40. What Does $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine Buy?

41. Why the Opposition Win in Barinas, Venezuela Matters

42. Jogo de Bicho: Brazil’s Popular but Illegal Lottery Game

43. Political Prisoners to Ortega’s Narrative

44. Peru: The Broken Dream of Transformative Government?

45. Argentina 20 Years After La Crisis del 2001

46. UK Must Engage with Argentina Over Future of FalklandIslands

47. Quechua Sports Journalist Takes Language Revitalization to New Spaces

48. Libel Conviction in Peru: A ‘Dagger’ for InvestigativeJournalism

49. 25 Years After the Peace Accords, Democracy Weak in Guatemala

50. Costa Rica's Rush to the Right