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1. European Security and Defence: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet

2. The War against Ukraine and Russia’s Position in Europe’s Security Order

3. Turkey vis-à-vis Russia’s War against Ukraine

4. Diplomacy and the War against Ukraine

5. The War against Ukraine and Its Lessons for NATO Militaries: Food for Thought

6. The Existential Value of Ukraine’s Freedom

7. Italy’s Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

8. Reach for the Stars: Bridging Italy’s Potential in Space with Its Foreign and Security Policy

9. Climate Change in Japan’s New Defence and Security Strategies

10. Disaster Management in Southeast Asia: 20 Years of Progress and Challenges

11. China’s “Catchup” on Growing Genetically Modified Crops






17. How Mexican Feminists Became Enemies of the State

18. The INE Debate and the Formation of the Neoliberal Democracy in Mexico

19. The Causes Behind the Ciudad Juárez Migrant Detention Center Fire

20. El Salvador: Surfing in the “New Land of the Free?”

21. Transgressive Notes from Ecuador’s Prisons

22. The Pursuit of Memory and Justice in Bojayá

23. "Rompamos El Silencio"

24. Communal Resistance and Land Theft Mark Lead up to Guatemala Elections

25. Ecuador Headed for Early Elections After President Dissolves Legislature

26. Far Right Holds Chile Hostage

27. Amazonia on the Brink

28. Amid Inflation, Costa Rica Workers Face Longer Workdays and Cuts to Overtime

29. Peru: Infinite Protest and Indolent Elites

30. Latin America’s New Left Surge

31. Transnational Guarani Land Defense and Solidarity

32. A Conversation with ELN Commander and Peace Negotiator Aureliano Carbonell

33. International Feminist Strike in Argentina

34. Militarized Security and a Cartel Apology in Matamoros

35. El Salvador’s State of Exception Turns One

36. The Latin American Left Turns Its Back on Dictatorship

37. The Drive Behind Tesla’s New Manufacturing Plant in Mexico

38. Peru's Media Faces a Crisis Within a Crisis

39. Anarchists vs. the State

40. The Reinvention of the Latin American Right

41. Navigating Apathy and Attacks in the Struggle for Migrant Rights in Chile

42. Anti-Abortion Organizing in Colombia

43. Peru: The Country of Failed Transitions

44. What’s Next for Bolivia After Camacho’s Arrest?

45. Popular Organizing is the Only Way to Stop Bolsonarismo

46. “The Major Challenge to Brazilian Democracy Today Is Bolsonarismo”

47. Brasília and Washington

48. Despite Indigenous Resistance, Mexico Authorizes Mining Concessions in Protected Areas

49. Indigenous Protesters Campaign to Make "Chineo" A Hate Crime in Argentina

50. Honduran Women Leaders in the Crosshairs

51. A Legacy of Canadian Intervention in Haiti, 20 Years On

52. El Salvador Arrests Prominent Anti-Mining Activists

53. Is Colombia One Step Away from a Fracking Ban?

54. Chile’s New Constitutional Process Shifts to the Right

55. Brazil’s First-Ever Ministry of Indigenous Peoples Launched Amid a State of Emergency

56. War in Ukraine: One Year On, Nowhere Safe

57. Political Repression in Cuba Ahead of the 2023 Parliamentary Elections

58. Actor Profile: The March 23 Movement (M23)

59. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula: Sustained Resurgence in Yemen or Signs of Further Decline?

60. Anti-Government Demonstrations in Iran: A Long-Term Challenge for the Islamic Republic

61. Actor Profile: The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG)

62. Turkey’s 2023 General Elections and the Kurdish Question

63. The Normalization of Political Violence and the 2023 Legislative Elections in Greece

64. The Muqawama and Its Enemies: Shifting Patterns in Iran-Backed Shiite Militia Activity in Iraq

65. Actor Profile: The Islamic State Sahel Province

66. Beyond Riyadh: Houthi Cross-Border Aerial Warfare 2015-2022

67. ACLED Year in Review Global Disorder in 2022

68. Deadly Rio de Janeiro: Armed Violence and the Civilian Burden

69. Political Violence and the 2023 Nigerian Election

70. Anti-Government Demonstrations and Separatism in Thailand: Political Disorder Trends Ahead of the 2023 General Election

71. The Ukraine effect: demise or rebirth of the global order?

72. Chips, subsidies, security, and great power competition

73. Southeast Asia Aid Map - Key Findings Report

74. Australia’s Role Supporting Democracies as a Middle Power

75. Shifting Paradigms: The Rise of the Move Forward Party and the Changing Face of Thai Democracy

76. The Demise of ‘Hybrid’ Democracy in Pakistan: Case of Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Arrest

77. Recent Defamation Case and Mounting State Onslaughts Against Political Opposition in India

78. Japan’s Gradual Move to Address Technological Challenges to Democracy

79. Upcoming Elections and Political Turmoil in Pakistan

80. Indonesia’s ASEAN Chairmanship: Challenges for Strengthening Democracy Agenda in ASEAN

81. Institutionalizing Downward Accountability: The Bangladesh Experience

82. Restoring Democracy in Myanmar: A Call for Bolstered Anti-Junta Resistance Forces

83. Taiwan’s Civic Space Threatened by Chinese Misinformation and the Government’s Worrisome Legislative Responses

84. Expanding International Cooperation against Corruption in the Indo-Pacific

85. One Thing It Lacks: South Korea’s North Korea Policy in 2023 National Security Strategy

86. Tasks for North Korea Policy After the Washington Declaration

87. North Korea’s Space Development: The Gap Between Ideal and Reality

88. The South Korea-U.S. Summit and Measures to Enhance Bilateral Cooperation on North Korea

89. Pyongyang in Search of a New Cold War Strategy

90. Japan’s Stance on North Korea’s “New Cold War” Narrative: Strengthening Japan’s Defense and Global Normative Power

91. Russia’s Stance on the North Korean Narrative of a New Cold War

92. U.S. Stance on North Korea’s “New Cold War” Narrative

93. North Korea’s Outlook on the New Cold War

94. Will Spring Ever Come? Security Landscape of Northeast Asia in 2023

95. China’s Stance on North Korea’s “New Cold War” Narrative

96. Re-Declared “Frontal Breakthrough”: North Korea’s Nuclear First Line in 2023 and Its Limitations

97. Russia’s 2023 foreign policy concept: war against Ukraine, confrontation with the west, and continuation of the tradition of imperialism

98. The Zeitenwende in German Foreign Policy And The Eastern Partnership

99. Salome’s Choice: Europe and Ivanishvili?

100. Fact Sheet: Crisis in Ethiopia’s Amhara Region