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201. Saudi-Houthi Talks Sow Cracks in Coalition – The Yemen Review, January & February 2023

202. Saudi-Houthi Talks Move Toward Ceasefire – The Yemen Review, March 2023

203. Saudis Visit Sana’a as Warring Parties Conduct Prisoner Exchange

204. A Southern Reshuffle – The Yemen Review, May 2023

205. Temperatures, Tensions Roil Government – The Yemen Review, June & July 2023

206. Saudi-Houthi Talks Resume – The Yemen Review, August 2023

207. Global History and International Relations: a discussion with Ayşe Zarakol, Glenda Sluga, and Heidi Tworek

208. Petroleum and Progress in Iran: An Interview with Gregory Brew

209. Kashmir in the aftermath of Partition: An interview with Shahla Hussain

210. Sources for South and Southeast Asian History

211. Plowshares into Swords: An Interview with David Ekbladh

212. A revolution of runaways: An interview with Jesse Olsavsky

213. From the Archivist’s Nook: An interview with Christy Lobo

214. European Communities in South America and the Global Total Wars of the 20th Century: An Interview with Dr. María Inés Tato

215. War, Plague and Inflation: Is this time different?: An Interview with Dr. Natacha Postel-Vinay

216. The Soviet Union as a Development Actor in West Africa: An Interview with Alessandro Iandolo on Arrested Development

217. Recovering the History of Interwar International Environmental Law: An Interview with Omer Aloni

218. The Individual and the International: An Interview with Dr. Michele L. Louro

219. Collaborators of the New Order—Fascists, Nationalists, Traitors, and Opportunists in occupied Western Europe: An Interview with David Alegre

220. The Rise of Sanctions as a Tool of Modern War: An Interview with Nicholas Mulder

221. Decoding South Asia on the 75th Anniversary of Independence and Partition: An Interview with Ayesha Jalal and Sugata Bose

222. How Would Europe Defend Itself?

223. Assessing Realist and Liberal Explanations for the Russo-Ukrainian War

224. The Restraining Effect of Nuclear Deterrence

225. Neutrality Not NATO: Assessing Security Options for Ukraine

226. Overreach in Africa: Rethinking U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy

227. Reset U.S.-Syria Policy

228. Moving to an Offshore Balancing Strategy for East Asia

229. The United States Is Rapidly Losing Arab Hearts and Minds Through Gaza War, While Competitors Benefit

230. Why China Is Taking Sides Against Israel—and Why It Will Likely Backfire

231. Making Sense of Iraq’s Politicized Supreme Court Rulings

232. Nonviolent Protest Movement in Suweida Continues to Resurrect Calls from the Syrian Revolution

233. New Poll Sheds Light on Saudi Views of Israel-Hamas War

234. What Does the War in Gaza Mean for Jordan's National Security?

235. Civil Society in Tunisia: Resetting Western Policy Expectations

236. Egypt’s Economic Freefall Provides an Opening for U.S. Assistance—and Leverage

237. Earthquake in Syria and Turkey: U.S. Policy Implications

238. To Prevent the PA from Unraveling, Address Internal Reform

239. Can Federalism Work in Lebanon?

240. The Lebanon Human Rights Report: Punting on Accountability?

241. Drug Addiction in Syria: A Decades-Long Disease

242. Countering “ISIS at Large” in Syria

243. New Bahrain Poll Reveals Support for Russia, Entente with Iran, Split on Israel

244. Preserving U.S. Military Advantages in the Middle East

245. The Future of Repatriation from Northeast Syria

246. Hakan Fidan and the New Turkish Diplomacy in Iraq

247. Sinjar: Challenges and Resilience Nine Years after Genocide

248. Sudan's Civil War: Mediation Challenges and the U.S. Role

249. Iraqi Kurds Face Legitimacy Issues Amid Election Deadlock and Internal Division

250. Niger Coup Threatens U.S. Strategy on Counterterrorism and Russia

251. The Rise and Immediate Fall of Israel-Libya Relations

252. Iran’s Misunderstood Nuclear Law

253. Iraqi Officials Eye a Path for Chinese-Iraqi Development

254. How to Stop Iraqi Kurdistan’s “Bleeding”

255. Syrians' Reactions to the First Weeks of Israel-Hamas War

256. Morocco and North Africa Are Feeling Anti-Normalization Ripples from the Gaza War

257. After Gaza, Recalibrated Prospects for a Geopolitical Europe

258. The EU-Africa partnership and development aid: Assessing the EU’s actorness and effectiveness in development policy

259. Forests, foreign policy and trade

260. An EU global gateway … to what?

261. European Security, Eurasian Crossroads?

262. Regional actor, global player: Can the EU get the best of both worlds?

263. The EU accession prospects of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

264. Giorgia Meloni’s Italy and Europe: Ambitions and Realities

265. Tritium Troubles: The Politics of Fukushima’s Treated Water Release in the Asia-Pacific and Beyond

266. The EU–US Data Protection Framework: Balancing Economic, Security and Privacy Considerations

267. Prospects of and Challenges to Arms Control in South Asia: A Pakistani Perspective

268. Climate Action, Geopolitical Risks and Strategic Policy: The Western Race to Secure Critical Raw Materials

269. In the Middle East, Biden Is on the Razor’s Edge

270. Saudi Arabia’s Balancing Game: The Palestinian Cause and Regional Leadership

271. Europe is Stuck Over the Israel-Hamas War

272. To Deal or Not to Deal: How to Support Tunisia out of Its Predicament

273. Critical Crossroads: Tunisia’s Choice between a Comprehensive EU Partnership and Economic Collapse

274. Timing Is Everything: Italy Withdraws from the Belt and Road Initiative

275. The Humanitarian Response in Post-Earthquake Syria: An Urgent Need for Depoliticisation

276. Why El Salvador’s Anti-Crime Measures Cannot (and Should Not) Be Exported

277. Shifting Paradigms for Israel-Palestine: Why the EU Must Answer the Wake-Up Call Now

278. A Treaty Change for the European Defence Union

279. Italy’s Pivot to the Indo-Pacific – Towards a Value-driven Foreign Policy?

280. The Revolutionary Kids Are Alright: Egypt Ten Years after the Coup

281. Post-conflict Reconstruction in Ukraine: Challenges and Opportunities

282. Giorgia Meloni’s Foreign Policy and the Mattei Plan for Africa: Balancing Development and Migration Concerns

283. The Arctic within EU Strategies: A Renewed Centrality

284. Shaking Hands with Saied’s Tunisia: The Paradoxes and Trade-offs Facing the EU

285. Present and Future of Italy’s Development Cooperation

286. Building Climate Resilience in Urban Informal Settlements through Data Co-production

287. The video games industry in Europe: current situation, issues and prospects





292. The Next Surge of Conflict in the South Caucasus Is Still Preventable

293. Puerto Rico’s New Leftist Alliance Poses a Threat to US Imperialism

294. Fact Sheet: Azerbaijan Moves to Retake Artsakh

295. Fact Sheet: Attacks on Civilians Spike in Mali as Security Deteriorates Across the Sahel

296. Actor Profiles: Islamic State Mozambique (ISM)

297. Importing Instability How the War Against Ukraine Makes Russia Less Secure

298. Actor Profile: Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin (JNIM)

299. Kenya: Competition Over Politics and Resources Affect Recent County Border Disputes

300. Fighting Gangs Under the State of Exception in Honduras