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1801. U.S. Unconventional Monetary Policy and Transmission to Emerging Market Economies

1802. Taxes and International Risk Sharing

1803. The Domestic and International Effects of Interstate U.S. Banking

1804. Returns to Active Management: The Case of Hedge Funds

1805. Estimating U.S. Cross-Border Securities Positions: New Data and New Methods

1806. The Role of Oil Price Shocks in Causing U.S. Recessions

1807. Financial Business Cycles

1808. Bank Interventions and Options-based Systemic Risk: Evidence from the Global and Euro-area Crisis

1809. The Impact of Regional and Sectoral Productivity Changes on the U.S. Economy

1810. Financial Frictions and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Emerging Economies

1811. Banks, Capital Flows and Financial Crises

1812. Generating Options-Implied Probability Densities to Understand Oil Market Events

1813. The Replacement of Safe Assets: Evidence from the U.S. Bond Portfolio

1814. Gains from Offshoring? Evidence from U.S. Microdata

1815. How Public Information Affects Asymmetrically Informed Lenders: Evidence from a Credit Registry Reform

1816. Cyclically Adjusted Current Account Balances

1817. Pioneers of a European Diplomatic System: EU Delegations in Moscow and Washington

1818. Managing Conflict after Civil War: The Power-Sharing and Power-Dividing Approaches

1819. Not Another Transnistria: How sustainable is separatism in Eastern Ukraine?

1820. Liberalism in Obama's age

1821. Security Matters

1822. Egypt’s Political Reset

1823. Yemen’s National Dialogue

1824. The Ceasefire Drafter's Handbook: An Introduction and Template for Negotiators, Mediators, and Stakeholders

1825. Serbia-Kosovo Agree to Normalize Relations, Now to “Normalize” Society

1826. What Will "Our Turn to Eat" Mean the Day After the Kenyan Elections?

1827. Lighting the way to municipal prosperity

1828. Evolution and Change in Iranian Foreign Policy: From Ideology-Orientedness to Pragmatism

1829. The Militarization of the Caspian Sea is Inevitable: Cooperation is Needed

1830. Assessing Turkey’s Performance As a Norm Entrepreneur in Syrian Crisis

1831. Russia-EU Energy Relations: from Cooperation toward Contradictions

1832. Turkey’s Approach towards Nuclear Armament*

1833. The Gezi Park Protests: The Lessons Turkey Should Take

1834. Understanding Islamist Activism and Islamic Movements

1835. Iran and Arab Spring

1836. Iran’s Nuclear Program and Turkey

1837. Between TAP and Nabucco: Who is the “WINNER”? Azerbaijan or Russia?

1838. Reasons for Russia’s War on Ukraine and its foreseeable consequences on Latin America

1839. Peace Agreement Drafter's Handbook

1840. Post-Conflict Constitution Drafter's Handbook

1841. Beyond Sovereignty: The transformation of the Nation State

1842. Security Matters

1843. Urbanization's Infrastructure Demands at Home and Abroad

1844. Trade, Recovery and Sustainable Economic Growth

1845. Security Matters

1846. Security Matters

1847. Security Matters

1848. How Common is the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU: Where does Turkey fit in?

1849. Palestinians line up for dwindling cash in Gaza

1850. Security Matters

1851. Security Matters

1852. Security Matters

1853. Security Matters

1854. Security Matters

1855. The global financial markets after September 11: What has changed?

1856. Evaluating the Post-Cold War Policy of the United States