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1701. The Greek Euro Tragedy

1702. ASEAN: In or Out? No Way…Not yet?

1703. Brexit: What Happens Next?

1704. A EU without the UK: The Geopolitics of a British Exit from the EU

1705. Obama’s Legacy on Israel/ Palestine

1706. The 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign: Changing Discourse on Palestine

1707. Might and Right in World Politics

1708. 2016 Presidential Race Reveals the Systemic Crisis in American Society

1709. Beyond the confrontation. Interview with Edward Luttwak

1710. Less is Better in US-Russian Relations Today

1711. The Battle for Syria

1712. Comments Following Hot on the Heels of Donald Trump’s Triumph

1713. Moldova to choose between East and West

1714. Overcoming Babylon

1715. Primakov Readings

1716. Russophrenia: western elites ignore their own citizens’ anger and blame Russia instead

1717. Extorted procurement-how local authorities unlawfully procure equipment for firefighters

1718. Road safety in Serbia: a priority or a neglected area?

1719. Why doesn’t hail protection in Serbia work?

1720. The everyday and the existential: how Clinton and Trump challenge transatlantic relations

1721. Aligning Unevenly: India and the United States

1722. Expert Consensus on Downscaled Climate Projections for the Main Hawaiian Islands

1723. Between Geopolitics and Transformation: Challenges and Perspectives for the Eastern Partnership

1724. Youth Unemployment and Job Insecurity in Spain Problems and Policy Options

1725. Reforms, New Elites, and Old Structures How to Win the Battle for a New Ukraine?

1726. A New Helsinki Needed? What Security Model for Europe?

1727. The Greek Euro Tragedy

1728. The Recruitment of Migrant Workers By London Science and Technology Firms

1729. Handbook on Civil Society Documentation of Serious Human Rights Violations

1730. Field Guide for Civil Society Documentation of Serious Human Rights Violations

1731. Turkish-Israeli Relations: Crises and Cooperation

1732. Time to Seal the Israel-Turkey Deal

1733. Six ways to enable women’s economic empowerment

1734. Will the cities of the future work for everyone?

1735. How can we better serve urban refugees?

1736. Olympics remind us of the importance of local governance

1737. In Tanzania, can more service provider accountability improve service delivery?

1738. What keeps cities in Asia and Africa from effective public service delivery?

1739. Three top priorities for the White House Summit on Global Development

1740. Can you tackle poverty without taking on place?

1741. Six lessons on what works in supporting women-owned businesses

1742. To foster sustainable development, cities need data—and permission to use it

1743. Putting politics into international development? It’s about time

1744. Without improved public service delivery, women in developing countries can’t take advantage of economic opportunity

1745. Corruption: A Danger to Democracy in Europe and Eurasia

1746. America's Insatiable Demand for Drugs: Examining Alternative Approaches

1747. White House Narratives on the Iran Nuclear Deal

1748. Carrier Air Wing and the Future of Naval Aviation

1749. A Legislative Hearing on Four Communications Bills

1750. Success or Failure? Assessment of the Readmission Agreement Between the EU and Turkey from the Legal and Political Perspectives

1751. The Coalition Airstrikes in Syria from the Perspective of the Responsibility to Protect

1752. Argentina and the United Nations in a Changing World

1753. Russia and the West (1853-2016): A permanent conflict?

1754. International Law under Pressure: Continued relevance in times of hardship

1755. Tunisia’s Volatile Transition to Democracy

1756. Turkey’s Democratic Struggles

1757. The Long Road to Tehran: The Iran Nuclear Deal in Perspective

1758. China-EU Relations and the Future of European Soft Power

1759. Paving the Road to Paris? What the EU Can Do to Facilitate A Political Climate Deal

1760. Common EU Policies on Authorised Immigration

1761. The Third Way: Japan’s Policy on Nuclear Energy

1762. The Engagement of Arab Gulf States in Egypt and Tunisia since 2011

1763. The Value of Alternatives: Why the EU is Indispensable to Central Asian Security

1764. The Long Road to Tehran: The Iran Nuclear Deal in Perspective

1765. In Policy in the Post Crisis Era

1766. National Political Dialogue Handbook

1767. How can developing cities provide better water to their residents?

1768. A more comprehensive picture of local public spending in global health and education

1769. How do urban migrants access land and services in African cities?

1770. How can we strengthen local government responses to displacement in Africa?

1771. What defines a “city”?

1772. Monetary Policy, Trend Inflation and the Great Moderation: An Alternative Interpretation - Comment

1773. Government Connections and Financial Constraints: Evidence from a Large Representative Sample of Chinese Firms

1774. Risk Choices and Compensation Design

1775. Large Capital Inflows, Sectoral Allocation, and Economic Performance

1776. Risk, Financial Development and Firm Dynamics

1777. International Financial Spillovers to Emerging Market Economies: How Important Are Economic Fundamentals?

1778. The Liquidity Effects of Official Bond Market Intervention

1779. Realized Bank Risk during the Great Recession

1780. Identifying Foreign Suppliers in U.S. Import Data

1781. The Tibetan Nonviolent Struggle: A Strategic and Historical Analysis

1782. Foreign Fighters

1783. Institutional Development and Capacity Enhancement: Russia’s Political System Between Duma Elections of 2011 and 2016

1784. Can the Law Help? Debating Security Council Inaction on Syria

1785. Syria and the Islamic State

1786. Iraq Between Maliki and the Islamic State

1787. Turkey’s Turmoil

1788. Are Long-Term Inflation Expectations Well Anchored in Brazil, Chile and Mexico?

1789. Bank Ownership, Lending, and Local Economic Performance During the 2008-2010 Financial Crisis

1790. Inference Based on SVARs Identified with Sign and Zero Restrictions: Theory and Applications

1791. Evaluating Asset-Market Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy: A Cross-Country Comparison

1792. Menu Costs, Trade Flows, and Exchange Rate Volatility

1793. Uncovered Equity Parity and Rebalancing in International Portfolios

1794. Sovereign Debt Crises

1795. Liquidity Risk and U.S. Bank Lending at Home and Abroad

1796. The Decline of Drudgery and the Paradox of Hard Work

1797. Understanding the Great Recession

1798. The Energy Boom and Manufacturing in the United States

1799. U.S. Unconventional Monetary Policy and Transmission to Emerging Market Economies

1800. Taxes and International Risk Sharing