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1. Turkey vis-à-vis Russia’s War against Ukraine

2. Italy’s Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

3. The South Korea-U.S. Summit and Measures to Enhance Bilateral Cooperation on North Korea

4. Pyongyang in Search of a New Cold War Strategy

5. Turning point? Putin, Xi, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine

6. A Saudi-Pakistani Reset: Business as Usual?

7. A Tale of Two Normalizations: Israeli Normalization with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Part I

8. A Tale of Two Normalizations: Israeli Normalization with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain – Part II

9. Hurricane Ian Highlights the Devastating Effects of the U.S. Blockade on Cuba

10. Chinese coercion, Australian resilience

11. The Russia-Ukraine War and North Korea-Russia Relations

12. Foreign Policy Recharged after Defusing MAGA: Biden’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and the Korean Peninsula

13. Divisions on US-China Policy: Opinion Leaders and the Public

14. Russians See Greater Reward than Risk in Closer Relations with China

15. The U.S. and Hungary: Friends in Need of a Better Way

16. Lines blurred: Chinese community organisations in Australia

17. Getting the Price Right: The End of the War Declaration and North Korea’s Missile Tests

18. The EU and the North Korean Conundrum: Supporting Reconciliation and Denuclearization

19. Iran's New Legislation for Escalation and Options for the New US Administration

20. The Post-Rouhani Era: The future of US-Iranian relations under Raisi

21. Hun Sen's Mistake? The Domestic Political Ramifications of His Chinese Shelter

22. Military cooperation between Serbia and the USA: dynamically under the public radar

23. Five Insights into the ‘Comfort Women’ Protest Movement in South Korea: 2018-2020

24. China, Italy and COVID-19: Benevolent Support or Strategic Surge?

25. Staring Into the Abyss of US-China Decoupling

26. Coronavirus Could Revolutionize America’s China Policy

27. Coronavirus Threatens to Drive Wedge into US-Gulf Relations

28. China’s Response to the Killing of Soleimani

29. Erdoğan’s “Mini Empire” in Libya and Syria

30. The Coronavirus Blame Game Intensifies the US-China Information War for International Public Opinion

31. U.S. Dynamic Force Employment and the Pandemic: Implications for the U.S.-Japan Alliance

32. The Avoidable War: The Case for Managed Strategic Competition (Collection of Speeches by the Hon. Kevin Rudd)

33. US-China Economic Relations Under Pressure From COVID-19

34. The Swiss Model vs. Swedish Model in Dealing with China

35. Social Distancing: Australia’s Relations with China

36. Paradox of Relations: Russian - Turkish Relations in the Syrian and Libyan Fronts

37. Macron Looks East: The French president’s visit to the Baltics offers an opportunity for closer coordination with Germany on Russia policy

38. Next Steps for US-Japan Collaboration on Energy Infrastructure