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1. European Security and Defence: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet

2. Turkey vis-à-vis Russia’s War against Ukraine

3. Italy’s Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

4. Reach for the Stars: Bridging Italy’s Potential in Space with Its Foreign and Security Policy

5. A Healthier and More Sustainable Global Food System: What is at Stake for the EU?

6. A Digital Euro in Search of an Identity

7. Inequalities and Local Infrastructure: The Challenges of Post-Covid Recovery Investments

8. Israeli Apartheid and the West’s Dwindling Moral Credibility

9. After Deterrence: Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War for East Asia

10. Can we ever build a common European home? The perils and promise of an old idea

11. Walking out of the Woods: EU Industrial Policy between the Energy Crisis and Decarbonisation

12. The EU vis-à-vis Turmoil in Burkina Faso: Towards Europeanisation?

13. European Defence: Time to Act

14. The De-Globalisation of Oil: Risks and Implications from the Politicisation of Energy Markets

15. North Korea’s Covid-19 Outbreak: An Opening for Engagement?

16. The EU and the Ukraine War: Making Sense of the Rise of a “Geopolitical” Union

17. Russian Energy Exports and the Conflict in Ukraine: What Options for Italy and the EU?

18. Russia–Ukraine Talks and the Indispensable Role of the US and Europe

19. Paper Fairy Tales VS Steel Brotherhood – Media Portrayals of Serbia’s Alliances in the Age of Pandemic

20. The Hidden G2 for Democratic Tech Governance is the EU-US Relationship: A Starter Kit

21. Three Ideas to Improve the International Role of the ECB

22. A Capable EU Is No Utopia: Strategic Lessons from the German Presidency

23. Blurry Counterterrorism: A Chance for Russia, A Risk for Europe

24. To the Viktor Go the Spoils: What Orbán Needs to Form a New Political Camp in Europe

25. Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Winter 2020/2021

26. EU-China Investment Agreement: the EU’s Balancing Act between Values and Economic Interests

27. The EU’s new trade strategy: Gearing up for competition over values

28. The EU’s Strategic Approach to CSDP interventions: Building a Tenet from Praxis

29. The World After the Pandemic: European Unity and the Challenge of Reviving Multilateralism

30. Covid-19 and the International Liberal Order: Goodbye “Global”, Hello “Regional”?

31. Europe and Covid-19: Never Waste a Good Crisis

32. Covid-19 and the Multilateral System: What Role for the EU?

33. Europe's Polish Question

34. The AUKUS Partnership: A Wake-up Call for Europe

35. Europe’s Strategic Compass: Merits and Shortcomings

36. The Italy–France Treaty is an Example of Wise Diplomacy

37. The EU and the North Korean Conundrum: Supporting Reconciliation and Denuclearization

38. The EU’s North Korea Policy: From Engagement, to Critical Engagement, and to Criticism with Limited Engagement

39. The European Perspective of the Anti-Western Information Warfare

40. De-Securitising and Re-Prioritising EU-Iraq Relations

41. The Plight of the Western Balkans Is a Wake-up Call for Europe

42. The New US-EU Energy Security Agenda: Roundtable Report

43. In search of a European Russia strategy

44. A New Risk to the EU from Coronavirus Viktor Orbán’s Hungary

45. Moldova in the EU's Eastern Partnership: Lessons of a Decade

46. COMMENTARIES: State of the European Union address 2020

47. EU – Western Balkans summit - More reforms, more money

48. EU Council Commentary: No progress in MFF and recovery fund

49. "Coronationalism" vs a geopolitical Europe? EU external solidarity at the time of Covid-19

50. Member states’ expectations towards the German Council Presidency

51. Exploring EU Member States’ Good Practices: Incentives for More Secondment into Civilian CSDP Missions

52. Moldova in the EU's Eastern Partnership: Lessons of a Decade

53. EU Trade Policy Reform: Levelling the Playing Field in a New Geo-Economic Environment

54. Protests in Russia: Supporting Systemic Change Prior to 2020’s Elections

55. Presidential Election in Belarus Tensions Are Likely to Prevail

56. Britain’s Reckoning with the Future

57. Von der Leyen’s Second Chance: The “State of the Union” Address Is Her Make-Or-Break-Moment

58. Macron Looks East: The French president’s visit to the Baltics offers an opportunity for closer coordination with Germany on Russia policy

59. Mismatched Expectations are Straining EU-Ukraine Relations: Strengthening Mutual Trust and Credibility Should Remain Key Priority

60. War in NagornoKarabakh A Two-Track Strategy for the EU

61. “Germany’s EU Presidency 2020: The Security Dimension and EU-NATO Cooperation”

62. Preemption: How Iran Is Reacting to the Warsaw Summit

63. Possible Impacts: Implications of Building A Unified European Army on Regional Security

64. Limited Impact: European Moves to Dodge US sanctions on Iran

65. Renewed Differences: Repercussions of the Mounting Tension Between Iran and Europe

66. The Impact of a 'No-Deal' Brexit on travel and Tourism

67. The Dilemma of the EU’s Future Trade Relations with Western Sahara

68. The Fifth Eastern Partnership Summit: Between hyperbole and understatement