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1. A Healthier and More Sustainable Global Food System: What is at Stake for the EU?

2. Brazilian Youth Fight to Decolonize Climate Justice

3. The Devastating Costs of Puerto Rico’s Solar “Farms”

4. Environmental Justice in the Age of Unnatural Disaster

5. A Changing Climate and Its Implications for Health and Migration in the Pacific: Examples from the Marshall Islands

6. Ukraine’s Projected 2nd Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC2): Is It Possible to Achieve More Ambitious Goals at a Lower Cost?


8. The Impact of Climate Change on U.S. Foreign Policy and the National Interest

9. G20, COP26 and the Climate Emergency: Insights from Italian Public Opinion

10. Crowdsourcing for Climate-Smart Agriculture: Insights from the Bolivian Andes

11. The Venezuelan Oil Industry Collapse: Economic, Social and Political Implications

12. Building an Energy and Climate Coalition with Latin America and the Caribbean: An Agenda for the Biden Administration

13. The New US-EU Energy Security Agenda: Roundtable Report

14. The Impact of ESG on National Oil Companies

15. Is Coronavirus Good for Our Sick Planet?

16. Time for a European Climate and Sustainable Development Bank

17. COMMENTARIES: State of the European Union address 2020

18. Member states’ expectations towards the German Council Presidency

19. Avoiding “Cuba-sur-Calais” and Other Misadventures on Brexit Island

20. The Point of No Return: The 2020 Election and the Crisis of American Foreign Policy

21. COVID-19 Crisis: Timely Reminder for Climate Change

22. Decarbonisation on a Finite Planet

23. Fire and Rain: The Legacy of Hurricane Lane in Hawai'i

24. Toynbee Coronavirus Series: Dipesh Chakrabarty on zoonotic pathogens, human life, and pandemic in the age of the Anthropocene

25. Security in the Shadow of Climate Change in the Sahel

26. Europe in the Age of Uncertainties

27. In the Aegean, Energy Sustainability = Increased Security

28. The Battle Heats Up: Climate Issues in the 2020 US Presidential Election

29. Creating Fossil-Fuel-Free Communities Globally

30. Don’t Forget: Nuclear Weapons Are an Existential Threat, Too

31. Climate Crisis: ‘Listening to the Science’ Not Enough

32. Climate Change: Re-assessing Current Approaches

33. Environmental Awareness: Alternative Strategies Beyond Symbolism

34. Alpine Environments under Threat in Hawai'i and New Zealand

35. New U.S. Policies toward Greenland

36. Nurturing the Seeds of Growth

37. Xi Jinping’s Institutional Reforms: Environment over Energy?

38. 1.5°C Too Soon: More Must Be Done

39. COP24 and the Silesia Declaration: Impact on Palm Oil

40. SVP for Clean Energy, on the Union Organizing Drive at Buffalo Solar Factory

41. DC Can Show True Climate Leadership by Cutting Carbon Even Faster and More Efficiently

42. DC’s Climate Policy Should Be Even More Ambitious: Testimony Before the Council of the District of Columbia

43. Defense of Animal Agriculture Blue Ribbon Study Panel on Biodefense et al.

44. Clear Waters and Green Mountains: Will Xi Jinping Take the Lead on Climate Change?

45. Trump’s Paris Exit A blow to climate politics, but a boon to regional climate policy?

46. The US exits Paris Can the EU drive international climate action?

47. Expert Consensus on Downscaled Climate Projections for the Main Hawaiian Islands

48. Paving the Road to Paris? What the EU Can Do to Facilitate A Political Climate Deal