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1101. Resilience and Agility: Managing and Mitigating Evolving Threats in a Hyperconnected World

1102. Global Health Security – COVID-19: Health Pandemic to Food Crisis?

1103. Military Response to COVID-19: Advantages and Constraints

1104. Global Health Security – COVID-19 and School Closures: Why Education Sector Needs Protecting

1105. Impact of COVID-19: Can Irregular Migrants Cope?

1106. COVID-19 Crisis: Timely Reminder for Climate Change

1107. Pandemic Response: The Women, Peace and Security Agenda

1108. In Limbo in ASEAN: Pandemic and Irregular Migration

1109. Pandemic Fatigue: Re-Examining Re-Opening’s Logic

1110. ASEAN Response: Pushing Back Vaccine Nationalism

1111. Urgently Needed: Ecological View in Decision-making

1112. HADR in Southeast Asia: Unpacking the Military’s Humanitarian Role

1113. Decarbonisation on a Finite Planet

1114. Women, Peace and Security in ASEAN: New Issues

1115. China’s Emerging Disaster Diplomacy: What It Means for Southeast Asia

1116. Beyond COVID-19: Global Priorities Against Future Contagion

1117. COVID-19: Is the Humanitarian Sector Prepared?

1118. Women in Global Governance: Never Ending Fight for Equality?

1119. The Burden of COVID-19: Urgent Need for Social Safety Nets

1120. COVID-19 & Humanitarian Response: Leave No-One Behind

1121. Nuclear Technology & Disease Prevention: What ASEAN Can Do

1122. COVID-19: Its Impact on Food Sufficiency

1123. COVID-19: Private Sector’s Role in Times of Crisis

1124. Migrant Domestic Workers: Their COVID-19 Burdens

1125. COVID-19 and Global Health Diplomacy: Can Asia Rise to the Challenge?

1126. Youth in MENA: Findings from the Fifth Wave of the Arab Barometer

1127. Security Sector Capture in Serbia – An Early Study

1128. Many Faces of Serbian Foreign Policy Public Opinion and Geopolitical Balancing

1129. Boosting Armament to Fight Demographic Decline, Crime and Corruption – Public Opinion on Security

1130. Serbia in the Jaws of the COVID-19 Pandemic

1131. Senegal: Making Domestic Resource Mobilization Work to Sustain Growth and Improve Service Delivery

1132. International and Regional Laws and Instruments Related to Gender Equality and the Security and Justice Sector

1133. Renewed Transatlantic Responses towards China: Identifying Common Ground

1134. “Germany’s EU Presidency 2020: The Security Dimension and EU-NATO Cooperation”

1135. COVID-19 and Irregular Migration in the Mediterranean

1136. Tashkent COVID-19 Video Conference Calls for International Cooperation

1137. With the World in Turmoil, Transnational Organized Crime Sees Opportunity in Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1138. Struggle for the South – The Yemen Review, June 2020

1139. Hostage on the Red Sea – The Yemen Review Summer Edition, July-August 2020

1140. Battle for Marib – The Yemen Review, September 2020

1141. The Riyadh Agreement’s Fading Promise – The Yemen Review, October 2020

1142. Time for a New US Policy – The Yemen Review, November 2020

1143. UN Human Rights Council Elections for 2020-2022 and the Responsibility to Protect

1144. Sub-Surface Competition in the Euro-Atlantic Area: The Challenge to Western Dominance

1145. The Battle Heats Up: Climate Issues in the 2020 US Presidential Election

1146. Migration and Cohesion in Europe: a Challenge, not a Contradiction

1147. Assessing Europe's Space Dependency and Its Implications

1148. China's Economic Choices

1149. Foreign and Security Policy in the New Malaysia

1150. Ocean of Debt? Belt and Road and Debt Diplomacy in the Pacific

1151. The Bougainville Referendum and Beyond

1152. Once More With Feeling: Russia and the Asia-Pacific

1153. Behind the Veil: Women in Jihad After the Caliphate

1154. New Caledonia's Independence Referendum: Local and Regional Implications

1155. New Caledonia's Independence Referendum: Local and Regional Implications

1156. Politics in Indonesia: Resilient Elections, Defective Democracy

1157. 'New' Malaysia: Four Key Challenges in the Near Term

1158. Rethinking Fiscal Policy: Progressive US Politics Meets Radical Economics

1159. Averting a Global Calamity? Trump and Xi at the G20

1160. East Asia's Decoupling

1161. Colombia’s Longest Insurgency and the Last Chance for Peace?

1162. Creativity at the Service of Social Mobilization in Chile

1163. The Burning Quest to Revive a Nationalist Vision in Brazil’s Amazon

1164. Understanding Bolivia's Nightmare

1165. Will Outer Space Be Weaponized?

1166. Strong Position How Iran Dealt with Recent Developments in Manbij

1167. Potential Gains: Why Did India Exempt the Iranian Oil Payments from Taxes?

1168. Consolidating Influence: Reasons Behind Appointing Sadeq Larijani to Head the Expediency Council

1169. A Reflecting Mirror: How Does the “Past” Still Influence Middle East Dynamics?

1170. Maneuvering: Why Iran is Cozying up to Taliban?

1171. Preemption: How Iran Is Reacting to the Warsaw Summit

1172. Renewed Escalation: Why Does Al-Shabab Attack Kenya?

1173. Possible Repercussions: Why is Iran Interested in the Venezuelan Crisis?

1174. Tough Test: Baghdad’s Options Amid the Iranian-US Escalation

1175. The Last Option: Impact of the Battle for Idlib on the Syrian Conflict

1176. Enormous Challenges: The Problems of Local Governance in Arab Conflict Zones

1177. Extreme Messages Reasons: Behind Appointing Ebrahim Raisi as Chief of the Judiciary

1178. Shared Destiny: How Do Security Arrangements Tie the Rukban Camp to al-Tanf Base?

1179. Consequences of Alignment: Why do Qatar and Turkey oppose designating the Pasdaran as a terror group?

1180. Possible Rivalry: What is the Impact of al-Baghdadi Video Message on Boko Haram?

1181. Cautionary Anticipation: How did Iran deal with the newly imposed American Sanctions?

1182. The Middle East economy in the last decade

1183. Tunisia 2019: The Success and Failures of the Arab Spring

1184. China: Economy, Energy and the Middle East

1185. The Oil Market Swings: Shale and Geo-politics

1186. Ethiopia: Economic Development in a Harsh Environment: Part 1

1187. Ethiopia: Economic Development in a Harsh Environment: Part 2

1188. The Kushner Plan: Economics or politics, which comes first?

1189. Middle East Demographics to 2030

1190. Iran attacks Saudi Arabia

1191. Iraq: Oil Wealth and Multiple Crises

1192. The Politics of Lebanon’s Economic Collapse

1193. The Iranian Empire Cracks, at Home and Abroad

1194. South Sudan and Israel: A love affair in a changing region?

1195. Morocco’s pro-active diplomacy, two years after (re)joining the African Union

1196. Libyan crisis reshuffles traditional alliances

1197. Central African Republic: Between France and Russia

1198. The “G5 Sahel” Joint Force: A Marriage of Security and Development?

1199. A Roundtable on Jasper M. Trautsch, The Genesis of America: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Formation of National Identity, 1793-1815

1200. A Roundtable on John M. Thompson, Great Power Rising: Theodore Roosevelt and the Politics of U.S. Foreign Policy