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1. "Melian Strategy": Why does Taliban fight and negotiate at the same time?

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5. How Nato Enlargement Strengthens the Security of the Euro-Atlantic Region: The Case of the Baltic States

6. The Montreux Convention and Its Importance for Georgia

7. Modus Operandi of the Largest Russian Cyber-Intelligence Operation of Recent Times – Attack On Solarwinds

8. Critical Infrastructure Protection in Europe: Strengthening Resilience Under Article 3 of The Washington Treaty

9. Taking Action on Cyber Enforcement: Assessing US Legislative Progress in the 116th Congress

10. To Patch or Not to Patch: Improving the US Vulnerabilities Equities Process

11. Restoring Civic Trust in the Post-Pandemic Era: What makes citizens trust governments?

12. It’s Time to Go Back to Basics of Governance

13. Cooperation or Coercion? The Views of US Opinion Leaders on Foreign Policy Approaches

14. For First Time, Half of Americans Favor Defending Taiwan If China Invades

15. Americans Remain Committed to South Korea, View North Korea as an Adversary

16. Ahead of Biden-Moon Summit, South Koreans and Americans Align on China and North Korea

17. Russia’s domestic politics have become part of the West’s Russia policy: The stakes are rising when Navalny returns to Russia

18. President Niinistö’s two-track initiative: towards stronger Arctic dialogue and revitalization of the Helsinki Spirit?

19. Water and Fire at Kyrgyz-Tajik Border: Ferghana Valley’s Security Environment could take a Turn for the Worse

20. The EU’s Strategic Approach to CSDP interventions: Building a Tenet from Praxis

21. Military cooperation between Serbia and the USA: dynamically under the public radar

22. Don’t Talk to Me about Democracy while I’m Guarding Kosovo – analysis of narratives used to capture the state

23. The Crime-Politics Nexus Entrapping The Balkans

24. Implementation of the Law on Operational Technical Agency and the Law on Interception of Communications

25. Multilateralism and the Superpower

26. The AUKUS Partnership: A Wake-up Call for Europe

27. The New US-EU Energy Security Agenda: Roundtable Report

28. Reducing Military Risks through OSCE Instruments

29. Lessons from the #EndSARS Movement in Nigeria