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1. Biden’s Foreign Policy Casts a Long Shadow

2. The Return of US Leadership in Europe: Biden and the Russia Crisis

3. Israeli Apartheid and the West’s Dwindling Moral Credibility

4. Europe’s Post-Cold War Order Is No More

5. Latin America and the New Non-Aligned Movement

6. Integration with the United States or Latin American Independence?

7. For Hemispheric Unity, a Change in U.S. Foreign Policy is Needed

8. Chavismo in the World




12. Countering China’s Adventurism over Taiwan: A Third Way

13. The Avoidable War: The Decade of Living Dangerously

14. Seeking Allies: The motives behind the change of the Turkish foreign policy towards appeasement

15. The Post-Rouhani Era: The future of US-Iranian relations under Raisi

16. The Perfect Conflict The Russian strategy in Yemen

17. Legal Determinants: What is the Biden Administration's Position on the Tunisian President's Decisions?

18. Restoring the Role: The Algerian mediation role in the region, various motivators and challenges

19. De-Securitising and Re-Prioritising EU-Iraq Relations

20. US-Philippines: Resetting the Security Alliance?

21. Whitsun Reef Incident: Duterte’s China Strategy Sinking?

22. A Roundtable on Christopher Dietrich, A Companion to U.S. Foreign Relations

23. Gas Scales. What Will Outweigh?

24. Four Stages. Does Russia Plan a Large-Scale Aggression Against Ukraine?

25. Can Solidary Support for Ukraine Serve as a Deterrent Factor for the Kremlin?

26. Iran's New Legislation for Escalation and Options for the New US Administration

27. Baku Parade Whispers Geopolitical Complexities in the South Caucasus

28. "The Great Wall of the Caspian Sea": The Geographic Nature of Russia's Attitudes Towards the Post-Soviet States

29. The Regional Security Dynamics of the South Caucasus After the 2020 Karabakh War

30. The Montreux Convention and Its Importance for Georgia

31. Germany Between a Rock and a Hard Place in China-US Competition

32. Democrats, Republicans Support Alliances, Disagree on International Organizations

33. Divisions on US-China Policy: Opinion Leaders and the Public

34. Cooperation or Coercion? The Views of US Opinion Leaders on Foreign Policy Approaches

35. Russians See Greater Reward than Risk in Closer Relations with China

36. Treaty Allies Matter for US Foreign Policy Experts—but They Are Not Indispensable

37. For First Time, Half of Americans Favor Defending Taiwan If China Invades

38. Americans Remain Committed to South Korea, View North Korea as an Adversary

39. Ahead of Biden-Moon Summit, South Koreans and Americans Align on China and North Korea

40. President Biden: Try for a Double Play on Iran and Afghanistan

41. Afghanistan: Before Time Runs Out

42. Russia’s domestic politics have become part of the West’s Russia policy: The stakes are rising when Navalny returns to Russia

43. President Niinistö’s two-track initiative: towards stronger Arctic dialogue and revitalization of the Helsinki Spirit?

44. The US is Refocusing its Foreign Policy Priorities on the Indo-Pacific: Recalibrating Alliance Politics in a Pivotal Region

45. US foreign policy in the Balkans: new chapter

46. Renewing the U.S.-European Partnership in the Post-Trump Era

47. Dealing with Violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

48. A Soviet Diplomat’s Memories of Beijing 1973-1975

49. Mentoring Partnership Aims to Boost Diversity at State Department

50. Transforming Cambodia’s “Killing Fields” into Farm Fields: American Diplomacy and Combatting Genocide

51. Colin Powell’s Legacy

52. Celebrating American Diplomacy

53. Multilateral Training and Work at Foreign Ministries

54. How Do We Talk to Foreign Audiences After Trump’s Subversion?

55. Can the U.S. Still Be an Example to the World?

56. Time to Rethink Development Assistance in the Sahel

57. The Impact of Climate Change on U.S. Foreign Policy and the National Interest

58. Is Diplomacy Back? Making the Case to the American People

59. William Rockhill, The Man Who Shaped China Policy a Century Ago

60. US Credibility and the Afghanistan Withdrawal

61. Twenty Years Later: Why 9/11 Has Not Been a Second Pearl Harbor

62. G20, COP26 and the Climate Emergency: Insights from Italian Public Opinion

63. The Italian G20 Presidency: A Post-Summit Assessment

64. Four Scenarios for the Iran Nuclear Deal

65. The Italy–France Treaty is an Example of Wise Diplomacy