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1. Israeli Apartheid and the West’s Dwindling Moral Credibility

2. Americans Split on Military Aid to Israel, Say Political Status Quo Unacceptable

3. Governing Parameters: Will the New Governments in Israel and Iran Affect the Ongoing Tensions Between Them?

4. Israel-Palestine: Renaissance of a Two-State Solution

5. Israel’s 2021 election: Another deadlock in a vote on identity, the role of religion, and Bibi

6. The Shifting Boundaries of Antisemitism

7. The 1982 Lebanon War and Its Repercussions for Israel’s National Security

8. Staring Into the Abyss of US-China Decoupling

9. Athens and Jerusalem Have a Diplomatic Opportunity

10. UN Treaty Body Promotes BDS at Urging of Norwegian NGO

11. The Fauda Effect: Israeli Active Defense on the Screen

12. Anti-Jewish Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories in Historical Context

13. The Jordan Valley Is Not Up for Negotiation

14. The Chinese Penetration of Israeli Media

15. Sudan’s Predicament and the Israeli Connection

16. The Demise of the Two-State Solution: The Realities Trump's Peace Plan Will Create

17. Abraham Accords and Camp David Accords: Rethinking the Trajectories of the 'Arab Cause'

18. Ralph J. Bunche – U.N. Mediator in the Middle East and Nobel Laureate

19. The Middle East Accords: an Israeli Perspective

20. The Middle East Accords: An Arab Perspective

21. The Middle East Accords: an American Perspective


23. The Trump Plan: Not the Way to Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peace

24. Assessing Israel Katz’s First Year as Foreign Minister

25. The Crisis of Violence in Israeli Arab Society

26. Fighting Antisemitism: Three Strategic Priorities

27. Fighting the Demonization of Israel at the International Criminal Court

28. Berlin: Capital of European Antisemitism

29. BDS, Antisemitism, and Class

30. The Kushner Plan: Economics or politics, which comes first?

31. South Sudan and Israel: A love affair in a changing region?

32. Envisioning a New Economic Middle East: Reshaping the Gulf with Israel

33. Israel's Qatari Dilemma

34. Germany-Israel Relations: Unique or Normal?

35. Israel and China Take a Leap Forward—but to Where?

36. The Tunnel Tension: Potential Trajectories of Escalation Between Israel and Hezbollah

37. The Disengagement, Twelve Years On: Implications, Lessons, and an Eye toward the Future

38. The Temple Mount Crisis and Israel’s Cabinet: Recommendations for the Future

39. Israel and American Jewry: Stepping Back from the Brink

40. From the Temple Mount to the Israeli Embassy in Jordan

41. At a Crossroads: Israeli Policy on UNIFIL

42. India and Israel: A Strategic Alliance?

43. Toward a New Paradigm for Addressing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

44. Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem:

45. Diplomatic Experience That Never Fades

46. Possible Benefits of American Parameters for the Two-State Solution.

47. Lessons from Cyprus for Israel-Palestine: Can Negotiations Still Work?

48. Can Israel and Palestine learn from Colombia?

49. Spain and Israel: are they rivals or complementary?

50. Obama’s Legacy on Israel/ Palestine

51. The 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign: Changing Discourse on Palestine

52. Turkish-Israeli Relations: Crises and Cooperation

53. Time to Seal the Israel-Turkey Deal