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1. Creating an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Financing


3. Fact Sheet: Global Demonstrations Against the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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5. Hydrogen: A Hot Commodity Lacking Sufficient Statistics

6. Big data and national security: A guide for Australian policymakers

7. Shared Human Values and the Great Powers’ Competition: Trends in the Evolution of the International Relations System

8. Mid-Year Update: 10 Conflicts to Worry About in 2021

9. Violence Targeting Women in Politics: Trends in Targets, Types, and Perpetrators of Political Violence

10. ACLED 2020: The Year in Review

11. A Year of COVID-19

12. If you Can't Beat Them, Join Them: Should States Embrace Bitcoin?

13. The Carbon-Neutral LNG Market: Creating a Framework for Real Emissions Reductions

14. Stronger International Safeguards as a Condition of Supply to Nuclear Energy Programs: Coming to Consensus in the Nuclear Suppliers Group

15. The Global Energy Crisis: Implications of Record High Natural Gas Prices

16. The Impact of ESG on National Oil Companies

17. Reducing Military Risks through OSCE Instruments

18. China, climate politics and COP26

19. Democracy and the Challenges of Climate Change

20. When Anarchy Spills Across Borders