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2. ACLED Year in Review Global Disorder in 2022

3. Chips, subsidies, security, and great power competition

4. The Number of Countries with Coups d’etats and Other Constitutional Changes in Government is Rising: How should donors stay engaged?

5. Managing Opportunities, Challenges, and Expectations for the New Agenda for Peace

6. The UN General Assembly 2023: The urgency of compromise on financing for development

7. The Involvement of Civil Society Organizations in Arctic Governance

8. Developing Good Practices in Export Control Outreach to the NewSpace Industry

9. Five Urgent Questions on Ecological Security

10. Integrating Gender Perspectives into International Humanitarian Law

11. Global History and International Relations: a discussion with Ayşe Zarakol, Glenda Sluga, and Heidi Tworek

12. Plowshares into Swords: An Interview with David Ekbladh

13. War, Plague and Inflation: Is this time different?: An Interview with Dr. Natacha Postel-Vinay

14. Recovering the History of Interwar International Environmental Law: An Interview with Omer Aloni

15. The Rise of Sanctions as a Tool of Modern War: An Interview with Nicholas Mulder

16. Building Climate Resilience in Urban Informal Settlements through Data Co-production

17. Shared Human Values and the Great Powers’ Competition: Trends in the Evolution of the International Relations System

18. Sanctions and the Economic Consequences of Higher Oil Prices

19. Hydrogen: A Hot Commodity Lacking Sufficient Statistics

20. Creating an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Financing