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1. Lessons from the T20: Five Priorities for Italian Infrastructure Investment

2. A Healthier and More Sustainable Global Food System: What is at Stake for the EU?

3. A Digital Euro in Search of an Identity

4. Inequalities and Local Infrastructure: The Challenges of Post-Covid Recovery Investments

5. Israeli Apartheid and the West’s Dwindling Moral Credibility

6. Europe’s Post-Cold War Order Is No More

7. A G7/G20 Pact for Sustainable Urbanisation? Building on the Positive Legacy of Italy’s G20 Presidency

8. Carbon Pricing During an Energy Crisis

9. Energy Markets and the Design of Sanctions on Russia

10. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Identity, History, and Conflict

11. What Does $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine Buy?

12. The European Perspective of the Anti-Western Information Warfare

13. Critical Infrastructure Protection in Europe: Strengthening Resilience Under Article 3 of The Washington Treaty

14. The Hidden G2 for Democratic Tech Governance is the EU-US Relationship: A Starter Kit

15. Three Ideas to Improve the International Role of the ECB

16. A Capable EU Is No Utopia: Strategic Lessons from the German Presidency

17. Blurry Counterterrorism: A Chance for Russia, A Risk for Europe

18. Germany Between a Rock and a Hard Place in China-US Competition

19. To the Viktor Go the Spoils: What Orbán Needs to Form a New Political Camp in Europe

20. Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Winter 2020/2021

21. German Economy Summer 2021

22. De-Securitising and Re-Prioritising EU-Iraq Relations

23. The Plight of the Western Balkans Is a Wake-up Call for Europe

24. The Conference on the Future of Europe: Tackling Differentiated Integration

25. TOP-12 Questions and Answers About the Natural Gas Market

26. Can Solidary Support for Ukraine Serve as a Deterrent Factor for the Kremlin?

27. Implementation of the Law on Operational Technical Agency and the Law on Interception of Communications

28. Renewing the U.S.-European Partnership in the Post-Trump Era

29. Towards a New Normalcy?

30. Harnessing Halloween for Diversity in Sweden

31. Can and Will Germany Be a Viable Partner in a U.S. “Pushback” Strategy Towards Russia?

32. The U.S. and Hungary: Friends in Need of a Better Way

33. Amidst Disinformation and Geopolitical Rivalry, Bulgaria Returns to the Polls July 11th

34. Russia’s domestic politics have become part of the West’s Russia policy: The stakes are rising when Navalny returns to Russia

35. EU-China Investment Agreement: the EU’s Balancing Act between Values and Economic Interests

36. President Niinistö’s two-track initiative: towards stronger Arctic dialogue and revitalization of the Helsinki Spirit?

37. The EU’s new trade strategy: Gearing up for competition over values

38. The Belarusian Revolution of 2020: Afterword

39. Russian Duma Election 2021: Kremlin Supremacy Achieved Through Unprecedented Pressure and Fraud

40. Finland Elected to the UN Human Rights Council: Hard Work and Responsibility are Key to a Successful Membership

41. The EU’s Strategic Approach to CSDP interventions: Building a Tenet from Praxis

42. Resilience and Urban Governance: Securing Cities

43. Snakes, rats and drug addicts used to dwell here – analysis of the narrative utilised to capture the state

44. The Lie Detector and the Stories about It: Narrative of the Fight against Organised Crime in the Function of Capturing the State

45. US foreign policy in the Balkans: new chapter

46. Military cooperation between Serbia and the USA: dynamically under the public radar

47. Don’t Talk to Me about Democracy while I’m Guarding Kosovo – analysis of narratives used to capture the state

48. The Crime-Politics Nexus Entrapping The Balkans

49. Paper Fairy Tales VS Steel Brotherhood – Media Portrayals of Serbia’s Alliances in the Age of Pandemic

50. The World After the Pandemic: European Unity and the Challenge of Reviving Multilateralism

51. Covid-19 and the International Liberal Order: Goodbye “Global”, Hello “Regional”?

52. Europe and Covid-19: Never Waste a Good Crisis

53. Covid-19 and the Multilateral System: What Role for the EU?

54. G20, COP26 and the Climate Emergency: Insights from Italian Public Opinion

55. Europe's Polish Question

56. The AUKUS Partnership: A Wake-up Call for Europe

57. The Italian G20 Presidency: A Post-Summit Assessment

58. Four Scenarios for the Iran Nuclear Deal

59. Europe’s Strategic Compass: Merits and Shortcomings

60. The Italy–France Treaty is an Example of Wise Diplomacy

61. The New US-EU Energy Security Agenda: Roundtable Report

62. The OSCE and Peacekeeping: Track Record and Outlook