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14. The Current State of Retirement Security in the United States

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17. U.S.-Ghana Relations Are Strong Following December 2016 Elections

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21. Making the 'Special Relationship' Great Again?

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23. Make Japan Great Again? The Rise of Trump and Significance of the US-Japan Alliance

24. Mar-a-Lago: The Summit that Wasn’t

25. The Trump-Putin Meeting: From Hamburg to Southern Syria

26. United States Policy on Regime Change in Iran

27. Trump’s America: the ordinary superpower

28. Corruption: A Danger to Democracy in Europe and Eurasia

29. America's Insatiable Demand for Drugs: Examining Alternative Approaches

30. Carrier Air Wing and the Future of Naval Aviation

31. A Legislative Hearing on Four Communications Bills

32. Obama’s Legacy on Israel/ Palestine

33. 2016 Presidential Race Reveals the Systemic Crisis in American Society

34. Beyond the confrontation. Interview with Edward Luttwak

35. Less is Better in US-Russian Relations Today

36. Comments Following Hot on the Heels of Donald Trump’s Triumph

37. Moldova to choose between East and West

38. Aligning Unevenly: India and the United States

39. The 2016 presidential campaign and the crisis of US foreign policy

40. Gun Control: Grounds for Compromise?

41. Expanding Ties and New Frontiers in United States-Republic of Korea Relations

42. A Renewed Commitment to American Commercial Diplomacy

43. The United States and Estonia: Partners for Peace and Prosperity

44. “Caught Trying” in Denmark: The Case for Taking Risks in Using Non-Traditional US Diplomacy to Meet Global Challenges

45. The United States and Canada: The Strength of Partnership

46. Innovation: Key to a 21st Century Alliance

47. Celebrating Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy

48. The US in the Asia-Pacific: Continuing rebalance towards a region in flux

49. Possible Benefits of American Parameters for the Two-State Solution.