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1. After Ostpolitik: A New Russia and Eastern Europe Policy Based on Lessons from the Past

2. Tech Sanctions Against Russia: Turning the West’s Assumptions Into Lessons

3. The Hidden G2 for Democratic Tech Governance is the EU-US Relationship: A Starter Kit

4. Three Ideas to Improve the International Role of the ECB

5. A Capable EU Is No Utopia: Strategic Lessons from the German Presidency

6. Blurry Counterterrorism: A Chance for Russia, A Risk for Europe

7. Germany Between a Rock and a Hard Place in China-US Competition

8. To the Viktor Go the Spoils: What Orbán Needs to Form a New Political Camp in Europe

9. Assessing China and Russia’s Influence on the German Parliamentary Elections

10. Exploring EU Member States’ Good Practices: Incentives for More Secondment into Civilian CSDP Missions

11. Moldova in the EU's Eastern Partnership: Lessons of a Decade

12. EU Trade Policy Reform: Levelling the Playing Field in a New Geo-Economic Environment

13. Protests in Russia: Supporting Systemic Change Prior to 2020’s Elections

14. Presidential Election in Belarus Tensions Are Likely to Prevail

15. The US Troop Withdrawal Plan: Bogus Strategic Claims and a Warning Signal for Europe

16. Poland’s New Foreign Minister: Orbiting Closer to the Center of Power

17. Britain’s Reckoning with the Future

18. Von der Leyen’s Second Chance: The “State of the Union” Address Is Her Make-Or-Break-Moment

19. Macron Looks East: The French president’s visit to the Baltics offers an opportunity for closer coordination with Germany on Russia policy

20. Mismatched Expectations are Straining EU-Ukraine Relations: Strengthening Mutual Trust and Credibility Should Remain Key Priority

21. War in NagornoKarabakh A Two-Track Strategy for the EU

22. Avoiding “Cuba-sur-Calais” and Other Misadventures on Brexit Island

23. The Problem with Germany’s Masterful Crisis Presidency

24. A New Risk to the EU from Coronavirus Viktor Orbán’s Hungary

25. Moldova in the EU's Eastern Partnership: Lessons of a Decade

26. Shaking Up the 2019 European Election

27. Straddling between Optimism and Mistrust

28. A New Strategy for European Health Policy

29. China’s Inroads into Central, Eastern, and South Eastern Europe

30. Russia’s Evolving South Caucasus Policy Security Concerns amid Ethno-political Conflicts

31. Three Challenges for a Macron Presidency And Two Recommendations for Germany

32. Between Geopolitics and Transformation: Challenges and Perspectives for the Eastern Partnership

33. Youth Unemployment and Job Insecurity in Spain Problems and Policy Options

34. Reforms, New Elites, and Old Structures How to Win the Battle for a New Ukraine?

35. A New Helsinki Needed? What Security Model for Europe?

36. The Engagement of Arab Gulf States in Egypt and Tunisia since 2011

37. The Value of Alternatives: Why the EU is Indispensable to Central Asian Security