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1. Tunisia’s Secret Apparatus: Why Ennahda’s Deputy Head was detained?

2. Escalating Disputes:Moroccan call to grant Algerian tribes the right to self-determination

3. The Ahvas Protests Are the minorities' demonstrations a reflection of a crisis in Tehran?

4. Persistent Challenges The future of the US presence in Iraq following the fourth round of the strategic dialogue

5. Limited Rapprochement: Prospects for Turkish-Israeli Convergence of Interests

6. Multilayered Challenges: Why are foreign oil companies planning to leave Iraq?

7. The New Rules of the Game: Unfolding the targeting of an Israeli oil tanker in the Arabian Sea

8. Moscow's Central Role: Have the Rules of Engagement Changed in Syria after the recent Israeli Strikes?

9. Correcting the Course: Will splits within Tunisia’s Ennahda lead to its collapse?

10. A Spiraling Crisis: The different scenarios of Ethiopia’s civil war amid Tigray’s military advancement