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81. 'Great friends': Creating legacies, networks and policies that perpetuate the memory of the Fathers of Europe

82. Friends in the region: A comparative study on friendship building in regional integration

83. American power and identities in the age of Obama

84. Foreign policy, bipartisanship and the paradox of post-September 11 America

85. The domestic limits to American international leadership after Bush

86. The political economy of Anglo-American War: The case of Iraq

87. From Woodrow Wilson in 1902 to the Bush doctrine in 2002: Democracy promotion as imperialism

88. What is so American about the American empire?

89. New paradigms, old hierarchies? Problems and possibilities of US supremacy in a networked world

90. Evangelicalism, race and world politics

91. American power and the racial dimensions of US foreign policy

92. Religion, identity and American power in the age of Obama

93. 'Change we can believe in?' Barack Obama, race and the 2008 US presidential election

94. 'War in countries we are not at war with': The 'war on terror' on the periphery from Bush to Obama

95. Culture, identity and hegemony: Continuity and (the lack of) change in US counterterrorism policy from Bush to Obama

96. Between freedom and fear: Explaining the consensus on terrorism and democracy in US foreign policy

97. European and Asian regionalism: Form and function

98. The geopolitics of Asia – What role for the European Union?

99. Asian perspectives on the European experience of regionalism

100. Comparative regional integration in the EU and East Asia: Moving beyond integration snobbery