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61. Rethinking China's grand strategy: Beijing's evolving national interests and strategic ideas in the reform era

62. Regional threats and global management of conflicts in regions: The case of the US in the Middle East

63. The end of the cold war and soviet collapse – the limits of realism and liberalism: A reply to Wohlforth, Deudney and Ikenberry

64. Arbitrating the Israeli–Palestinian territorial dispute: A riposte

65. Russia in the new international order: Theories, arguments and debates

66. Conceptualizing sovereignty in Russian foreign policy: Realist and constructivist perspectives

67. Applying constructivism to understanding EU–Russian relations

68. Russia's foreign policy towards Poland: Seeking reconciliation? A social constructivist analysis

69. The problem of 'the international' in Russian identity formation

70. Russian foreign policy in the making: The linkage between internal dynamics and the external context

71. Do leaders still decide? The role of leadership in Russian foreign policymaking

72. Interest groups in Russian foreign policy: The invisible hand of the Russian Orthodox Church

73. Using the neo-classical realism paradigm to predict Russian foreign policy behaviour as a complement to using resources

74. Geopolitics and Russian foreign policy

75. Special issue: Friendship in international relations

76. Friendship and the world of states

77. Fraternity and a global difference principle: A feminist critique of Rawls and Pogge

78. A history of the language of friendship in international treaties

79. Friendship of the enemies: Twentieth century treaties of the United Kingdom and the USSR

80. Unsociable sociability: The paradox of Canadian-American friendship