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41. The wars on terror, duelling internationalisms and the clash of purposes in a post-unipolar world

42. Foreign policy internationalism and political possibility

43. 'With the best will in the world …'?: Humanitarianism, non-state actors and the pursuit of 'purposes beyond ourselves'

44. From the good international citizen to the cosmopolitan political community: A constitutional path

45. International polarity and America's polarization

46. Humanitarian intervention – What's in a name?

47. The domestic politics of international hierarchy: Risk management and the reconstitution of international society

48. NATO and India: The politics of strategic convergence

49. Arbitrating the Israeli–Palestinian territorial dispute

50. Towards a strong NATO narrative: From a 'practice of talking' to a 'practice of doing'

51. Critical international political economy: Renewing critique and ontologies

52. Accumulating the critical spirit: Rosa Luxemburg and critical IPE

53. For a critical engagement with aesthetics in IPE: Revitalizing economic imagination in times of crisis

54. The relevance of Nicos Poulantzas for contemporary debates on 'the international'

55. The global and gendered dimensions of citizenship, community and 'cohesion'

56. Where is the study of work in critical IPE?

57. Re-thinking scales and culture: Rome and the city in and beyond IPE

58. Christian 'Renewalism' and the production of global free market hegemony

59. The relevance of understanding code to international political economy

60. Horsemen of the apocalypse? Jihadist strategy and nuclear instability in South Asia