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21. Evilization in liberal discourse: From Kant's 'unjust enemy' to today's 'rogue state'

22. Appointing evil in international relations

23. Collective evil and individual pathology: The depoliticization of violence against Afghan civilians

24. Challenging 'evil': Continuity and change in the drug prohibition regime

25. Conceptual relics, mutual assured evilness and the struggle over Israeli public commonsense

26. Escaping a security dilemma: Anarchy, certainty and embedded norms

27. The Air-Sea Battle 'concept': A critique

28. Constructing great powers: China's status in a socially constructed plurality

29. International relations between war and revolution: Wilsonian diplomacy and the making of the Treaty of Versailles

30. Why the crime of aggression will not reduce the practice of aggression

31. Kenneth Waltz, Adam Smith and the Limits of Science: Hard choices for neoclassical realism

32. Kenneth Waltz and Leon Trotsky: Anarchy in the mirror of uneven and combined development

33. The 'knowledge politics' of democratic peace theory

34. The 'Concert of Democracies': Why some states are more equal than others

35. Explaining US unilateral military intervention in civil conflicts: A review of the literature

36. On getting hit by traffic coming in both directions: A response to Dr Karen Devine's 'epistemology matters'

37. The politics of liberal internationalism

38. The 'Good State' debate in international relations

39. Liberal internationalism, the practice of special responsibilities and evolving politics of the security council

40. The good state, from a cosmic point of view