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1. Vengeful Citizens, Violent States: A Theory of War and Revenge, Rachel Stein

2. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Wargaming and the Military

3. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Special Issue on Strategic Culture

4. Pax Caucasia: Prospects of Peace and Cooperation in South Caucasus

5. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Naval Integration and the Future of Naval Warfare

6. Turkish AK Parti’s Posture towards the 2003 War in Iraq The Impact of Religion amid Security Concerns

7. Drones, Warfare and the Deconstruction of the Enemy

8. Freeze and Advance: How North Korea Maneuvered to Get the Bomb and Prospects for Its Nuclear Future

9. The US in Afghanistan: Consequences of an Untimely Withdrawal

10. Current law constraining the President: a series on Congress’s options to limit arms sales and aid to Saudi Arabia, part 2

11. Casualties of War: The Legacy of South Korean Participation in the Vietnam Conflict

12. Hybrid Warfare and Deniability as Understood by the Military

13. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Superpowers

14. January 2017 Issue

15. Positionality in Embodied War Imaginaries: American Snipers

16. Image of USA in Urban Pakistan: An Empirical Assessment

17. Americans are morally responsible for America’s war on Yemen a series on Yemen, part 1

18. The US-Saudi coalition’s impact on Yemen’s health – a series on Yemen, part 2

19. Yemen: drained, uncertain, and ignored – a series on Yemen, part 3

20. To Assad and his admirers, Trump offers ‘hope and change’

21. Reflecting on Vietnam: A Young Diplomat goes to War

22. The Global Exchange (Spring 2017)

23. An Appraisal of Pakistan’s Nuclear Policy during War on Terror

24. Too Quick on the Draw: Militarism and the Malpractice of Diplomacy in America

25. The Four Horseman of the Modern World: FSR Interviews Dr. Harlan Ullman

26. Accountability for Armed Contractors

27. Special Operations Today: FSR Interviews LTG Cleveland (Ret.) Former Commanding General, USASOC

28. When War is Not Worth Winning

29. China’s Development of Space Warfare and Its Operational Applications

30. Plausible Deniability: Proxy Wars in Africa