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1. China’s Role in Korean Security Issues

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11. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 12 Issue 01: Annual Threat Assessment

12. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Spring 2020

13. Central Europe in the new Millennium: The new Great Game?

14. The two Koreas´ Relations with China: Vision and Challenge

15. Counterterrorism and Preventive Repression: China’s Changing Strategy in Xinjiang

16. Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies 2020

17. China’s Economic Rise amid Renewed Great Power Competition, America’s Strategic Choices

18. China’s Role in India’s Hindu Nationalist Discourse

19. The American News Media’s Volatile Perspectives on China

20. The Essence of the Strategic Competition with China

21. The Strategic Implications of Chinese-Iranian-Russian Naval Drills in the Indian Ocean

22. Beijing Piles More Pressure on Taiwan after a Historic Victory by Tsai Ing-Wen

23. New Wine Into New Wineskins: The Evolving Role of the PLA Navy Marine Corps in Amphibious Warfare and Other Mission Areas

24. The Domestic Politics of Nuclear Choices

25. A State Visit by Kazakhstan’s President Demonstrates China’s Increasing Influence in Central Asia

26. China’s Future Naval Base in Cambodia and the Implications for India

27. The Prospects for Sino-Indian Relations During Modi’s Second Term

28. The Contours of New Regional Alignments in South Asia

29. Reevaluation of U.S. Security Policy towards South Asia

30. Asian Space Race is Rhetoric or Reality: Implication for South Asia

31. Back to the Russia-U.S.-China “Triangle”?

32. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Great Power Competition

33. Sino-Indian Nuclear Dynamics: Taking the Global Lead

34. Technology and Tensions in the Global Commons

35. Three boards: security, economy and the new unknown. The complicated relationship between China and Central and Eastern Europe

36. The Role of the Arctic in Chinese Naval Strategy

37. China’s 2020 Economic Agenda: Maintaining Stability Amid Flux

38. The North Korean Factor in the Sino-Russian Alliance

39. Sino-Russian Relations, South Korea, and North Korea

40. The China-Russia-North Korea Triangle After Kim Jong-un's Turn to Diplomacy

41. Climate Change: Conflict and Cooperation (Full Issue)

42. Security Dilemma in South Asian Context

43. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in the Context of the Chinese Grand Strategy

44. Japan’s new assertiveness: institutional change and Japan’s securitization of China

45. Journal of Public and International Affairs 2017

46. Shift of Power from West to East and Rise of China

47. The Future of U.S. Partnerships: A Conversation with Hans Binnendijk

48. The Run-up to Xi Jinping’s State Visit

49. Trump and Xi Break the Ice at Mar-a-Lago

50. Adrift Without Dialogue