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Japan Institute of International Affairs

The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) is a private, non-profit, and independent research organization that was founded in 1959 through the initiative of former Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida. Since its foundation, JIIA's activities have been based on the five basic goals stipulated in its charter. They are: To foster the scientific study of international politics, economics and law. To provide the means for examining and researching international affairs. To promote the exchange of information, knowledge, and views on international affairs. To encourage research of international affairs at universities in Japan. To promote exchanges with universities and research institutes in other countries. In order to accomplish the above-stated goals, JIIA organizes study groups on various regional and global issues relevant to the formulation of Japan's foreign policy; it organizes international conferences, symposiums and seminars in order to foster dialogue and exchange of opinions with overseas counterparts; it conducts joint research projects with other research organizations and with universities, both domestic and overseas; it invites foreign researchers to Japan and assists them with their research activities; and it issues a wide range of publications as a result of these activities.
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