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Asia-Pacific Research Center

The Asia/Pacific Research Center (A/PARC) at Stanford University is dedicated to the study of key economic, political, and security issues in the region. A/PARC is comprised of Stanford faculty and graduate students working in close collaboration with scholars and distinguished leaders from the Asia Pacific region. The Center operates under the auspices of Stanford's Institute for International Studies, and its work is concentrated in three critical areas: research, education and training, and public outreach. The 85 faculty fellows and graduate students affiliated with A/PARC come from a diverse mix of disciplines-economics, political science, anthropology, history, engineering, chemistry, medicine, law, and business. This interdisciplinary expertise creates intellectual ferment and gives breadth and analytical depth to the Center's work on contemporary Asia. Many members of A/PARC's faculty have held high-level posts in government and business. With their extensive experiences in both the public and private sectors, the Center faculty bring mature judgment and practical insight to bear on issues of strategic concern.
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